Brigit Leitner

I look forward to hearing from you.

My practice is located in 2 countries.
I am based in Vienna, Austria and in Birr, Ireland.

Personal sessions or remote sessions online/whatsapp/skype are possible.

My clients come from all over Austria, Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland and USA.

Due to the possibility to do energy work from a distance, a personal session is not necessary. Every woman can choose whether she talks to me with or without video. This allows a certain distance and many women can open up much more about sensitive topics without being seen. They can be in their own familiar athmosphere, make themselves comfortable and at the same time feel a profound change in the issues that burden them.

It is important to me to support women in the best possible way. I always work with my best intention that all that happens is in the highest good.

Please contact me via email.

If you feel you can't afford it please talk to me and we can make arrangements.


About me


Brigit Leitner, MA, ARCHTI

I am a mother of two wonderful children.
For over 25 years I have been engaged in music, music therapy, psychotherapy, meditation, energy work, and alternative healing methods.

At the age of 16 I began to study viola concert at the University of Music in Vienna.

After graduating from high school, I studied music therapy and then worked for many years as a music therapist with severely handicapped children and adults.

During this time I did a 4-year training in crystal therapy in London at the International College for Crystal Healing.
I spent some time in India and experienced Tibetan culture, monasteries, meditation, life and tradition. There I studied singing bowls, their overtones and their effects.

I did a 2-year training in sound treatment, overtone singing and chakra singing in Vienna. The effect of the different sounds on the physical body and the emotional body was fascinating.

In 2011 I completed the psychotherapeutic propaedeutic.

In 2014 I completed my training in body psychotherapy.

2017 Advanced training in Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

2017 Training in EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

2018 Further training in EFT for children

My focus is working with women and all women issues. Relationships, Parenting, wish for a child, abortion, miscarriage, birth, pregnancy, stillbirths, menopause.

I offer energy healing treatments for women to raise their vibration and awareness, to establish healing and peace in womens lives.

I can sense and see the persons energy field and balance it. I can connect to the spiritual world and receive messages. I am only working with the intention of the best and highest good for everyone involved. I do not tell the future. I support women at this time when they connect with me for as long as they wish. I respect all women. No matter what history or wounds they bring to my attention. I am here with all my love to support and to bring change, healing, love and peace.